Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. is a leading manufacturer of Bilge oil separators and 15 ppm oil content meter alarms.

Innovative Technology
The unit contains two parts, connecting and emulsion breaking unit. The connecting part works in a continuous mode and only when the oil detection monitor detects at the effluent of the connecting part oil content higher than 14 ppm, the emulsion breaking unit begins its operation. The unit contains an effective hydrocarbon absorption material which ensures an excellent effluent quality with oil content much lower than the IMO requirements. The operation of the unit requires minimum inspection and ensures long life operation time.  

The main advantages of the unit are:

• Fully automatic unattended operation

• Self-cleaning through backflow

• Minimum maintenance

• No chemicals required

• Effluent oil content under 5ppm under all test conditions

• Easy installation and reliable operation   


The benefits:

• Easy to install: electrical and hydraulic parts, delivered assembled.

• Low maintenance cost: all the components of Poseidon Evo have been designed and tested to operate under all conditions ensuring low maintenance requirements and durability in the most demanding environment

• Low operation cost: fully automatic and no use of chemicals. Minimal inspection requirements.

• Improved fluid quality. Reliable results under all test conditions according to specifications of IMO resolution

• Requires minimal technical resources: Needs limited staff skill for productive use due to the automatic operation. It frees resources to work on other tasks, in order to reduce labor burdens.

Range of products:

The  Poseidon Evo is available in various sizes:
1,0-2,5-5,0-10,0  m³/h
It can be manufactured either in mild or stainless steel.