The beginning of work related to turbocharger aggregates for marine internal combustion engines was placed in Bulgaria for the first time in the year of 1974. Two prominent Bulgarian lecturers and marine specialists - assoc. prof. eng. Emil Stanchev  and assoc. prof. eng. Atanas Valchev have a great merit for this.

The main points of our activities over the past 35 years are as follows:

  • For the first time in 1976 in our country were read lectures for marine turbochargers to marine specialists
  • In 1977 is made the first laboratory for marine turbochargers;
  • In 1978 is made the first repair of turbocharger in laboratory;
  • In 198.. – the leading producer of turbochargers in the world ABB made the first service station in the area of Black sea  under our guidance and with the assistance of the specialists Walter de Pietro,Gaston Decollogny and Vladimir Kolcava  ;
  • In 198.. -  is made a modern laboratory for turbochargers to the Bulgarian marine training centre;                                                                                                                                                                 
  • 1987 – repair of the first turbocharger of main engine abroad /Spain/
  • 1974-2006 – over 2500 Bulgarian marine specialists passed through specialized training for marine turbochargers , and over 100 people have defended thesis;
  • 1990 – Transservice-T begins its production activity;
  • 1998 – repair of turbocharger №1000;
  • 2006 – repair of first turbochargers new generation of PBS turbo/MAN/ ;
  • 2009 repair of turbocharger No. 1926