Over the years we have worked for dozens of ship owners and shore companies in our country and abroad. Some of the important customers are as follows:


We work for the biggest ship owner from 20 years, and we have made the following operations:

■ Many repairs of turbochargers on board of ships, in service conditions and abroad;

■ recovering of over 1000 bearing assemblies for turbochargers of the following companies: PBS Turbo,ABB,KBB,Napier;

■ retrofit /modernization of internal combustion engine;

■ increasing the marine reserves of power of marine engines by reconstruction of their turbochargers;

■ solving the problem related to unstable work of turbochargers.


We work for the biggest ship company on Danube since 1978. Our real work started after 1990. The most important things we made from then until now are as follows:

■ repair of turbochargers;

■ retrofit/modernization of engines;

■ solving the problem related to unstable work of turbochargers .


For 4 years already the French company “Dalkia” is our partner in the repair of new generation turbochargers mounted on the gas engines of company „Jenbachеr”. The result from this cooperation is repair of more than 24 turbochargers.


For the first time since the plant is working, the repairs of turbochargers are made by our specialists. Until now we’ve made the following operations:

■ repair of 14 turbochargers;

■  technical-engineering proposals for improving the technical security related to the lubrication of the engines , airing , repair and reliability of the rotors of the turbochargers.


Over the past 30 years our specialists have participated in solving problems related to the technical operation of turbochargers, steam and gas turbines;

■ repair of turbochargers, in 2009 for the first time are made repairs of new generation turbochargers of company KBB Germany;

■ range of technical-engineering consultations


Our contacts with the military factory are from more than 15 years and they include:

■ repair of turbochargers;

■ many technical-engineering consultations;

■ mounting , put into operation of balance stand and training of specialists

7. Over the past years our specialists have worked for the following companies:
- Bourgas Shipyards, Cosmos Shipping,Board Marine,Rubiships,Passat,Vassilev Maritime etc.